Colloquia of Excellence 2017

Colloquia of Excellence 2017 poster (PDF)

Colloquia Speakers 2017

HansHerrman  Wednesday, 5 April, 15:00h

  Hans Herrmann (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)

  Explosive percolation   


LaurensMolenkamp   Wednesday, 21 June, 15:00h

   Laurens Molenkamp  (University of Würzburg, Germany)

   Topological Physics in HgTe-based Quantum Devices

2017 marked the 10th anniversary of IFISCIFISC hosted the conference Crossroads in Complex Systems from 5th - 8th of June, 2017. This conference featured additional Colloquia of Excellence

Carlos Duarte   5-8 June, 2017

   Carlos Duarte (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology; Thuwal, Saudi Arabia)

   Parsimonious Rules in Complex Marine Ecosystems

Maciej Lewenstein   5-8 June, 2017

   Maciej Lewenstein (ICFO; Barcelona, Spain)

   Quantum Brownian Motion Revisited

Rajarshi Roy   5-8 June, 2017

   Rajarshi Roy (University of Maryland; College Park, USA)

   Seeing the Light – at the end of the tunnel?

Alex Vespignani   5-8 June, 2017

   Alex Vespignani (Northeastern University; Boston, USA) 

   Contagion processes in Complex Systems

Angelo Vulpiani   5-8 June, 2017

   Angelo Vulpiani (University la Sapienza; Rome, Italy)

   Levels of reality in weather forecasting: the lesson by Richardson and von Neumann

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