Postgraduate Research contract about coastal vegetation classification using remote sensing and machine learning

IFISC offers a postgraduate contract to work on the "Ecological and Digital Transition" SEDIMENT project funded by the Spanish Research Agency (AEI) and the EU Next Generation Programme. The goal of the project is to characterize seagrass biodiversity in the Mediterranean using satellite images processed through Machine Learning techniques. 

We look for candidates with a background in Complex Systems, Statistical Physics, Applied Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science or related fields. Candidates must be proficient in programming (in particular Python, and knowledge of Julia will be valued) and some knowledge of Machine Learning tools, as implemented by tools like TensorFlow or Pytorch. An interest in modelling will be also valued. The candidate must have an interest in interdisciplinary research and collaborative spirit. The research topic benefits from the ongoing collaboration between IFISC and IMEDEA, both located in Mallorca.

The tasks will imply characterizing seagrass biodiversity (and in particular of the endemic species Posidonia oceanica) in selected coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea, including the Balearic Islands. The goal is to train neural networks that can distinguish between several seagrasses and from the background based on satellite images and possible other types of images (from drones, flights, ...).

We offer a 1-year contract with the possibility of extending it until the end of the project (November 30th, 2024). The gross sallary will be of 18000€ (approximately). There is the possibility that the candidate enrolls in the UIB Doctoral School for a PhD. In this case further financial support (regional and national) would be seeked, but these applications are very competitive.

There is associated additional financial support for the participation in conferences and scientific meetings related to the topic of the project.

Applications are welcome until the position is filled, but the preferred starting of the contract is end of April 2023, what implies that an early contact is advisable.

Candidates are requested to submit Curriculum vitae, motivation letter and names of two senior scientists who can provide references to manuel@ifisc.uib-csic and

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