Open positions for Pre-Docs in 2018/2019 (closed)

Call is closed

Within the Unit of Excellence María de Maeztu award, IFISC STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES for the period 2018-2022 are the study, exploration, and development of INFORMATION PROCESSING IN AND BY COMPLEX SYSTEMS. These objectives comprise connecting state-of-the-art approaches originating from different fields, developing common frameworks, and synthesizing novel information processing concepts. 

Our research priorities encompass four lines: 

L1: Information processing in biological systems

  • Information processing in biochemical networks, brain circuits and structures, and ecological networks
  • Genetic diversity in ecosystems and its response to environmental changes
  • Biodiversity patterns, especially in microbial communities; alternative ways to encode and store information

L2: Brain-inspired analog computing in photonic and electronic systems

  • Hardware implementations of reservoir computing and their applications in telecom and datacom
  • Development of novel computing concepts, theoretical framework for scaling and modelling
  • Autonomous operation of recurrent networks 

L3: Quantum information: decoherence, dissipation, and transmission

  • Emergent quantum phenomena and information retrieval in extended and network systems
  • New functionalities based on nanoelectronic devices
  • Information processing using quantum materials

L4: Information processing in socio-technical systems

  • Evolution of social-system and processing of information: opinion, consensus, meme spreading, fake news, etc.
  • Studies of mobility of people and animals;
  • Data-driven modeling and response of urban systems to external perturbations.

Focusing on these novel strategic objectives, we will create new synergies within IFISC, increase its coherence and boost cross-fertilization within the institute. If you want to become part of this endeavor, IFISC offers various opportunities to do so.

We encourage candidates who are enthusiastic about one of these research lines and interested in pursuing a Ph.D. at IFISC to submit an application to including a CV with their academic records and stating a preference in terms of topics. Candidates are welcome to suggest a potential PhD advisor from IFISC research staff. For more detailed information about specific Ph.D. research programs, you can contact any of the  IFISC research staff.

The starting date for the contract can be negotiated but it is foreseen to be before the end of 2018 or early 2019. The contract has a gross  salary of 16500 €/year and includes standard benefits of the Spanish Social Security System.


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