2 Technical positions in computation @IFISC

IFISC is searching for a data and a visualization technicians. One of the contract will fall under the project FACE supported by the Next Generation Funds of the EU.

In particular and going one by one, the description of the positions are the following:

- Programming of scientific applications based on data

The work will consist in developing code for scientific research in complex systems and in some cases in collaborating as well in the design of new software. Besides, if interested in DevOps, the candidate can also help or even being in charge of the tool deployment in collaboration with the system manager.

The work system is in linux and the coding languages are Python or C/C++, with Git for controlling versions. If you already work in this framework or are interested in learning it in a good work environment, please send your CV to face-ifisc@ifisc.uib-csic.es with “Programming in Sci Applications” in the subject.

The needed skills are:

  • Knowledge on programming in C/C++ or Python
  • Knowledge on designing and developing software
  • Experience in using version control, preferably via Git.
  • Capacity to write and communicate in English.
  • Skills for working in teams.
  • Capacity for organization of tasks.

Nice to have:

  • Experience using linux.
  • Experince in programming in C/C++
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience using MySQL and/or MongoDB
  • Knowledge on data analysis tools and machine learning
  • Experience using computation clusters.

- Full-time expert in computing visualization

This position will deal with the interface to allow users to interact with the platform. As such, the candidate will be expected to develop front-end and user interfaces for the project, with strong focus on user experience design and interface experience (UI & UX).

The particular needed skills are:

  • Experience working as front-end developer.
  • Experience building web user interfaces, with strong focus on user experience (UI & UX).
  • Knowledge of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Knowledge of at least one JS framework (ReactJS, Vue.js, Angular) particularly valued.
  • Experience building JS applications with webpack.

Valued skills:

  • Experience with Python
  • Experience with test-driven development, unit testing and functional testing.
  • Experience with JS linters.
  • Experience with CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Material Design or Foundation.

It is necessary to have team working skills, self-motivation, excellent organizational skills with attention to detail and accuracy.

For further inquiries and to submit the applications candidates must use the following email face-ifisc@ifisc.uib-csic.es.

The required information to apply to these positions is:

  • Curriculum vitae with details on studies, background and previous experience.

For each of the positions we offer an one year contract. The gross annual salary will be 31000€, according to the CSIC scales and the candidate qualifications. The contract includes all the benefits of the Spanish Public Health and Social Security system. Applications are welcome until the positions are filled.

Starting date: preferably January-February 2022.

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