About this page

Thanks for visiting our page. We are three students of IFISC (Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems) Master degree in Physics of Complex Systems. This web page was our group project for the course on Introduction to Complex Systems. Our aim was to let people of all ages and backgrounds know about this fascinating field in the most entertaining possible way.

In each section, we try to talk you through some of the most important concepts using examples found in real life, but also introducing some classic computer simulations. The ideal situation would be that you first read those articles and watch the videos so that you can have some fun playing the games later. But let's be honest, nobody's watching you... 

Anyway, we really hope you learn something new with us, or at least that you have a good time. 

Thanks to everyone at IFISC who helped us with this page, especially to Antònia, Eduard, Adrián and our supervisors.

Lorena Ballesteros, María Martínez-Barbeito and Jesús Yelo

Master Students outreach

Jesús Yelo, Lorena Ballesteros and María Martínez

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