• I.P.: Konstantin Klemm, Víctor M. Eguíluz
  • Data d'inici: 1 de gener de 2017
  • Data de finalització: 31 de desembre de 2019

The Physics of Complex Systems is experiencing an important research activity, first due to the development of the Theory of Complex Networks, and second due to Big Data. The model driven approach has been partially replaced by a data driven approach leaving room to important theoretical questions. The SPASIMM project aims at addressing fundamental features observed in real systems, specifically, the role played by the timing of interactions and the spatial location of the elements that conform the complex systems. First, we aim at uncovering the role played by the sequence and timing of interactions by analytical approaches in several controlled environments. Realizing that temporal aspects are also important in the aging of states we will address how aging is affected by the topology of the interactions. In fact, we anticipate that the co-percolation matrix incorporates all the information needed to understand how a dynamics unfolds in a complex system. The importance of space is manifested in processes where mobility is a driving force of interactions. We use motion and transport on oceans as testbed applications for the theoretical developments. To this end, we work with spatio-temporal data on (a) marine megafauna, i.e. the travels of larger sea animals equipped with GPS transponders and (b) high resolution trajectories of vessels for cargo, passengers, fishing etc. Our aim is an integrated description of the use of the seas.


  • Víctor M. Eguíluz

    Víctor M. Eguíluz

  • Konstantin Klemm

    Konstantin Klemm

  • Jorge P. Rodríguez

    Jorge P. Rodríguez

Publicacions recents

Tree decompositions of real-world networks from simulated annealing

Klemm, Konstantin
Journal of Physics: Complexity (accepted), (2020)

Risk of secondary infection waves of COVID-19 in an insular region: the case of the Balearic Islands, Spain

Eguíluz,Victor M;Fernández-Gracia,Juan;Rodríguez,Jorge P;Pericàs, Juan M;Melián, Carlos J
Submitted (2020)

Altruism in populations at the extinction transition

Klemm, Konstantin; Khalil, Nagi
Physical Review Research 2, 013374 (1-13) (2020)

Scaling of species distribution explains the vast potential marine prokaryote diversity

Eguíluz,Victor M;Salazar,Guillem;Fernández-Gracia,Juan;Pearman,John K;Gasol,Josep M;Acinas,Silvia G;Sunagawa,Shinichi;Irigoien,Xabier;Duarte,Carlos M
Scientific Reports 9, 18710 (2019)

Cyclic structure induced by load fluctuations in adaptive transportation networks

Martens, Erik Andreas; Klemm, Konstantin
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2018 (edited by Faragó, István; Izsák, Ferenc; Simon, Péter L.), Springer International Publishing, 147-155 (2019)

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