Konstantin Klemm

Konstantin Klemm
  • Campus Universitat de les Illes Balears
    E-07122 Palma de Mallorca. Spain
My research is on the theory of complex networked systems. Tools from statistical physics, dynamical systems and algorithmic graph theory are employed to tackle fundamental questions about the interplay between structure of interactions, local rules and macroscopic behaviour. Motivation and applications arise, on the one hand, from biochemical interactions in living cells. While conceptually simple as state discrete iterated maps, Boolean networks are a successful and highly accurate modeling approach to such biological systems with many degrees of freedom. Questions of evolvability, stability under structural and dynamical perturbations as well as the relevance of noise are being addressed. Similar questions arise in social systems with processes of collective information diffusion and opinion formation. Again such phenomena have coarse-grained descriptions as, e.g., spin-spin interactions in models of Ising or voter type.

Publicacions recents

Statistical physics in a three-state extended voter model

Lázaro Sánchez, Teresa (supervisors: Tobias Galla, Konstantin Klemm)
Master Thesis (2021)

Tree decompositions of real-world networks from simulated annealing

Klemm, Konstantin
Journal of Physics: Complexity 1, 035003 (1-8) (2020)

Altruism in populations at the extinction transition

Klemm, Konstantin; Khalil, Nagi
Physical Review Research 2, 013374 (1-13) (2020)

Cyclic structure induced by load fluctuations in adaptive transportation networks

Martens, Erik Andreas; Klemm, Konstantin
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 2018 (edited by Faragó, István; Izsák, Ferenc; Simon, Péter L.), Springer International Publishing, 147-155 (2019)

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