COST Reimbursement

Reimbursement of travel and local costs from the COST MP1209 network budget will be available for up to 30 COST MP1209 network participants (as listed here). Registration will require the payment of a registration fee of 250€ by 20 of February 2015. COST funding will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

The registration fee is not reimbursable from COST, and it is expected to be covered from other sources. If payment is not possible, requests should be made to (with copy to with a statement explaining the exceptional circumstances.

Please be aware that due to the way COST funding works, accommodation and travel costs will be initially paid by each participant. Participants receiving funding will need to book the hotel by credit card during the registration and pay for accommodation on arrival at the hotel. Also dinners (excluding network dinner) will be paid by each participant. Reimbursement to eligible participants from the COST network will occur AFTER the Conference has been completed and a reimbursement form has been submitted. Costs of lunches, coffee breaks & the networking dinner are covered by the organization for all participants.
The average travel cost per person is expected to be no more than 300€. Please be aware that COST reimburses taxi costs only at night (22:00 to 07:00), or when there is no public transportation available. More information here.

Reimbursement will cover travel (following COST rules), accommodation at the official conference hotel (at 80€ per night), and dinners (at €20 per meal), other than the conference dinner (included in the registration fee).

COST funding will only be paid where the claimant has stayed in the official conference accommodation: HOTEL NAUTIC.
The booking will be part of the registration process. For participants staying at this hotel, a bus transport service will be offered to the conference venue at the UIB campus.

Any queries or concerns on reimbursement should be directed to the COSTMP1209 Administrator – Marion Baxter-Sibley – at:

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