Nonlinear Processes in
            Oceanic and Atmospheric Flows

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The conference secretariat will be open from 18:00 to 20:00 on July 1st, and from 8:00 on July 2nd.
Wednesday 2
Hour Presentation
09:00-09:15    Opening
09:15-10:00    Reza Malek-Madani, Dynamical Systems and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics: A historical perspective of recent analytical and computational progress.
10:00-10:45    William R. Young, Energy injection and the inverse cascade of body-forced, two-dimensional turbulence
10:45-11:15    Coffee break
11:15-12:00    Joseph H. LaCasce, The vortex merger rate in decaying 2D turbulence
12:00-12:20    F. Kwasniok, The structure of predictability in a quasigeostrophic atmospheric model
12:20-12:40    A. Tzella, Small-scale spatial structure in plankton distributions: The role of a maturation time introduced into the biology
12:45-15:00    Lunch
15:00-15:45    Michael Dellnitz, Set Oriented Numerical Methods for the Approximation of Transport Phenomena
15:45-16:30    U. Feudel, Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment, Interplay between hydrodynamic motion and biological activity: Plankton blooms and marine aggregates.
16:30-16:50    Daniel A Birch, The evolution of tracer patches
16:50-17:10    Louis Mari�, Zonal jet growth as a phase instability
17:10-18:00    Coffee, and poster viewing

Thursday 3
Hour Presentation
09:15-10:00    Laurent Seuront, Environmental intermittency versus behavioral intermittency: evolutionary perspectives.
10:00-10:45    V. Gar�on, Marine ecosystem dynamics and horizontal stirring and mixing.
10:45-11:15    Coffee break
11:15-12:00    Peter Haynes, Local versus global control of mixing in smooth flows
12:00-12:20    Andrew F. Thompson, Baroclinic Eddy Fluxes in Quasi-Geostrophic Turbulence with Simple Topography
12:20-12:40    Albert Oss� Castill�n, Self-organization and criticality in hurricanes
12:45-15:00    Lunch
15:00-15:45    Stephen Wiggins, The Dynamical Systems Approach to Transport Associated with Fronts and Eddies in a Realistic Numerical Model of Flow in the Northwest Mediterranean
15:45-16:05    F.J. Beron-Vera, Zonal jets as transport barriers in planetary atmospheres
16:45-17:05    Irina I. Rypina, Transport and mixing in oceanic surface flows
17:10-18:00    Coffee, and poster viewing

Friday 4
Hour Presentation
09:15-10:00    Angelo Vulpiani, The Fluctuation-Response relation in Geophysical Systems
10:00-10:45    Darryn W. Waugh, Stirring in the Global Surface Ocean from Altimetry
10:45-11:15    Coffee break
11:15-12:00    Henk A. Dijkstra, A nonlinear theory of the bimodality of the Kuroshio Extension
12:00-12:20    Paola Cessi , On the importance of mesoscale eddies the general circulation of the ocean
12:20-12:40    Emin Ozsoy, Dynamical response characteristics of the Turkish Straits and Black Sea system
12:45-15:00    Lunch
15:00-15:45    Shaun Lovejoy, Atmospheric complexity or scale by scale simplicity?
15:45-16:30    Edward Abraham, Horizontal dispersal and Southern Ocean blooms
16:30-16:50    Yue-Kin Tsang, Energy-Enstrophy Stability of beta-plane Kolmogorov Flow with Drag
16:50-17:10    Inga Koszalka, Mesoscale, open-ocean anticyclones, vortex Rossby waves and strong vertical velocities
17:10-18:00    Final remarks, coffee, and poster viewing

*Satellite images from NASA and ESA