Fellowships for the Master's Degree

  1. The IFISC offers a limited number of mobility fellowships. One of them is sponsored by the Sicomoro Foundation. Each fellowship amounts to 6500 euros plus tuition fees.

    Details of the call can be found here following link . Deadline for applications is June 16th 2024.

  2. CSIC offers JAE-INTRO grants open to those who have scored a minimum of 8/10 in the bachelor's degree. For more information: https://sede.csic.gob.es/programa-jae
  3. The Spanish Ministry of Education offers general grants as well as collaboration grants. Master students can apply to both of them.
  4. Additional grants, awards and general aid for master degree estudies at the webpage of the Center of Postgraduate Studies
  5. Fellowship offered by Fundación Carolina. Deadline March 14 (2024), 9:00 am Spanish time.
  6. Santander Open Academy offers several grants for UIB postgraduate studies. Details can be found here .
  7. Other options can be found at European Funding Guide