The effect of links on the interparticle dipolar correlations in supramolecular magnetic filaments

Sánchez, Pedro A.; Cerdà, Joan J. Cerdà; Sintes, Tomàs; Ivanov, Alexey O.; Kantorovich, Sofia S.
Soft Matter 11, 2963-2972 (2015)

We present a combined computational and analytical study of supramolecular magnetic filaments, i.e., permanently linked chains of ferromagnetic nanocolloids. We put forward two different models for the interparticle connectivity within the chain. In the first model, the magnetic dipoles of the particles are free to rotate independently from the permanent links. The second model penalises the misalignment of the dipoles by coupling their orientations to the chain backbone. We show that the effect of the long-range magnetic dipolar interactions on the zero field net magnetic moment of the chain becomes less significant in the second case. However, the overall magnetic response in the model of freely rotating dipoles is much weaker.

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