Synchronization and quantum correlations between coupled dissipative oscillators

Manzano, G; Zambrini, R
Laser Dynamics and Nonlinear Photonics, 2011 Fifth Rio De La Plata Workshop on, IEEE, , 1-3 (2012)

The emergence of mutual synchronization between oscillators, largely studied in classical systems, is explored in quantum systems. After reviewing recent research about the quantum aspects of this phenomenon, we present results obtained in the case of coupled harmonic oscillators with different natural frequencies. The presence of different dissipation processes, described by common or separate heat baths, plays a crucial role in the dynamical properties of the system. We show that mutual synchronization phenomena may appear only for a common bath. Furthermore we show that the emergence of synchronization is related to robust quantum correlations between the oscillators. Synchronization phenomena appear indeed in correspondence with large plateau where mutual information and quantum discord decay slowly, showing for the first time a quantum feature of spontaneous synchronization.

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