Survival and extreme statistics of work, heat and entropy production in steady-state heat engines

Manzano, Gonzalo; Roldán, Édgar
Physical Review E 105, 024112 (2022)

We derive universal bounds for the finite-time survival probability of the stochastic work extracted in steady-state heat engines and the stochastic heat dissipated to the environment. We also find estimates for the time-dependent thresholds that these quantities do not surpass with a prescribed probability. At long times, the tightest thresholds are proportional to the large deviation functions of stochastic entropy production. Our results entail an extension of martingale theory for entropy production, for which we derive universal inequalities involving its maximum and minimum statistics that are valid for generic Markovian dynamics in nonequilibrium stationary states. We test our main results with numerical simulations of a stochastic photoelectric device.

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