Stiff polymer adsorption. Onset to pattern recognition

Juan J. Cerdà, T. Sintes
Biophysical Chemistry 115, 277-283 (2005)

We present the results of extensive off-lattice Monte-Carlo simulations of a stiff polymer chain adsorbing onto a sticky periodic stripe-like pattern of variable width. We have analyzed, in terms of the chain length and rigidity, the adsorption and the pattern recognition process as a function of the stripe width. We have seen that this process is twofold: (i) the chain adsorbs rather isotropically onto the surface at a characteristic temperature Tc and (ii) a further reduction in the temperature is needed for the chain to reorganize and adjust to the specific pattern. Such polymer reorganization has been studied through the evaluation of the chain degree of stretching and asphericity. We have found an optimal stripe width that maximizes the stretching. We have introduced a criteria to estimate the characteristic temperature at which the pattern recognition takes place TrbTc and we have studied its dependence with the chain and surface relevant parameters.

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