Quantum‑anomalous‑Hall current patterns and interference in thin slabs of chiral topological superconductors

Di Miceli, Daniele; Serra, Llorenç
Scientific Reports 13, 19955 (2023)

The chiral topological superconductor, which supports propagating nontrivial edge modes while
maintaining a gapped bulk, can be realized hybridizing a quantum-anomalous-Hall thin slab with
an ordinary s-wave superconductor. We show that by sweeping the voltage bias in a normal-hybrid-normal double junction, the pattern of electric currents in the normal leads spans three main regimes.
From single-mode edge-current quantization at low bias, to double-mode edge-current oscillations at intermediate voltages and up to diffusive bulk currents at larger voltages. Observing such patterns by resolving the spatial distribution of the local current in the thin slab could provide additional evidence, besides the global conductance, on the physics of chiral topological superconductors.

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