Systemic propagation of delays in the air-transportation network

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Competition in the presence of aging: dominance, coexistence, and alternation between states

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Semantic Space as a Metapopulation System: Modelling the Wikipedia Information Flow Network

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TREE model: a tool to explore delay reduction scenarios in the ECAC area

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Models of mobility

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Modelling delay propagation trees for scheduled flights

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Bayesian decision making in human collectives with binary choices

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Diversification and biodiversity dynamics of hot and cold spots

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Persistence in Voting Behavior: Stronghold Dynamics in Elections

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Anomalous scaling in an age-dependent branching model

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Noise in Coevolving Networks

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Trees of Reactionary Delay: Addressing the Dynamical Robustness of the US Air Transportation Network

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Movilidad y transporte: un viaje a través del espacio, de la ciudad al mundo

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Synchronization in multilayer networks of mobile oscillators

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Disentangling the influence of mutation and migration in clonal seagrasses using the Genetic Distance Spectrum for microsatellites

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Is the Voter Model a model for voters?

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Entangling mobility and interactions in Social Media

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Absorbing and Shattered Fragmentation Transitions in Multilayer Coevolution

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Characterization of delay propagation in the US air transportation network

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From mechanisms to data-inspired modeling of collective social phenomena

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Complex Networks approach to modeling online social systems: The emergence of computational social science

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Temporal Networks: Slowing Down Diffusion by Long Lasting Interactions

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Data-driven modeling of systemic delay propagation under severe meteorological conditions

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Systemic delay propagation in transportation networks

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Distinguishing Topical and Social Groups Based on Common Identity and Bond Theory

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Systemic delay propagation in the US airport network

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Timing interactions in social simulations: The voter model

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Dynamics of link states in complex networks: The case of a majority rule

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Genetic flow directionality and geographical segregation in Cymodocea Nodosa genetic diversity network

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Modeling two-language competition dynamics

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Signal integration enhances the dynamic range in neuronal systems

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A measure of individual role in collective dynamics

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Social features of online networks: The strength of intermediary ties in online social media

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Heterogeneity shapes groups growth in social online communities

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Update rules and interevent time distributions: Slow ordering vs. no ordering in the Voter Model

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Phase clustering in complex networks of delay-coupled oscillatos

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Scaling properties of protein family phylogenies

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Threshold learning dynamics in social networks

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Effect of the topology and delayed interactions in neuronal networks synchronization

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Structural and functional networks in complex systems with delay

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Wikipedia information flow analysis reveals the scale-free architecture of the Semantic Space

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Extracting directed information flow networks: an application to genetics and semantics

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A Complex Network Approach to Phylogenetic Trees: From Genes to the Tree of Life

Herrada, E.A. (Directors: Emilio Hernández-García, Víctor M. Eguíluz and Carlos M. Duarte.)
PhD Thesis (2011)

Updating rules and the voter model

Fernández-Gracia, Juan (Supervisors San Miguel, Maxi and Eguíluz,Víctor M.)
Master Thesis (2011)

Viability and Resilience in the Dynamics of Language Competition

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Effects of the topology and delayed connections in the synchronization properties of a neuronal network

García, Guadalupe C. (Directors: C. Mirasso and V. M. Eguíluz)
Master Thesis UIB (2010)

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