Local characterization of transient chaos on finite times in open systems

Drotos, Gabor; Hernandez-Garcia, Emilio; Lopez, Cristobal
Journal of Physics: Complexity 2, 025014 (1-15) (2021)

To characterize local finite-time properties associated with transient chaos in open dynamical systems, we introduce an escape rate and fractal dimensions suitable for this purpose in a coarse-grained description. We numerically illustrate that these quantifiers have a considerable spread across the domain of the dynamics, but their spatial variation, especially on long but non-asymptotic integration times, is approximately consistent with the relationship that was recognized by Kantz and Grassberger for temporally asymptotic quantifiers. In particular, deviations from this relationship are smaller than differences between various locations, which confirms the existence of such a dynamical law and the suitability of our quantifiers to represent underlying dynamical properties in the non-asymptotic regime.

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