Intrinsic noise, Delta-Notch signalling and delayed reactions promote sustained, coherent, synchronized oscillations in the presomitic mesoderm

Baron, Joseph W.; Galla, Tobias
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16 , 20190436 (1-13) (2019)

Using a stochastic individual-based modelling approach, we examine the role that Delta-Notch signalling plays in the regulation of a robust and reliable somite segmentation clock. We find that not only can Delta-Notch signalling synchronize noisy cycles of gene expression in adjacent cells in the presomitic mesoderm (as is known), but it can also amplify and increase the coherence of these cycles. We examine some of the shortcomings of deterministic approaches to modelling these cycles and demonstrate how intrinsic noise can play an active role in promoting sustained oscillations, giving rise to noise-induced quasi-cycles. Finally, we explore how transla- tional/transcriptional delays can result in the cycles in neighbouring cells oscillating in anti-phase and we study how this effect relates to the propagation of noise-induced stochastic waves.

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