EvoDynamics.jl: a framework for modeling eco-evolutionary dynamics

Vahdati, Ali R.; Melián, Carlos J.
The Journal of Open Source Software 7, 4775 (2022)

Genotype-phenotype maps are usually complex. Studies connecting the mechanisms driving
genome and phenome evolution have been done mostly in isolation. Because of the rarity of
studies considering the mapping between the genotypes to phenotypes, simulations explicitly
taking into account the complex genotype-phenotype architecture are incipient (Meyer &
Birney, 2018). EvoDynamics.jl aims to connect genomes and phenomes in a flexible way
enabling the exploration of many scenarios connecting the two. Genotype-phenotype mapping occurs within a species, but between species interactions do occur in ecosystems. Yet, the genotype-to-phenotype-to-biodiversity connection is mostly unexplored. The second aim of EvoDynamics.jl is to tackle the genotype-phenotype coupling not only within a species but also between species. This is particularly important for understanding the role of the genetic-phenotype architecture for biodiversity responses to global change

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