Collective effects in voltage-gated protein ensembles

Fullana Sánchez, Antonia (Advisor: Sintes, Tomás)
Master Thesis (2020)

In this master thesis we have analysed, by means of numerical simulations, the collective effects of an ensemble of voltage-gated ion channels. The membrane potential and the number of open channels has been computed for different values of the injected current, the total number of channels and the capacitance time, which is proportional to the capacitance of the membrane. We have followed two approaches: i) using Monte Carlo simulations to mimic the two-state kinetics with known transition rates between open and close states, and ii) solving a set of two differential equations, a deterministic one for the membrane potential and a Langevin type equation for the number of open channels. We have measured the normalized voltage autocorrelations and the power spectral density that have been compared with experimental results.

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