Clone size distributions in networks of genetic similarity

Hernandez-Garcia, E.; Rozenfeld, A.F.; Eguiluz, V.M.; Arnaud-Haond, S.; Duarte, C.M.
Physica D 214, 166-173 (2006)

We build networks of genetic similarity in which the nodes are organisms sampled from biological populations. The procedure is illustrated by constructing networks from genetic data of a marine clonal plant. An important feature in the networks is the presence of clone subgraphs, i.e. sets of organisms with identical genotype
forming clones. As a first step to understand the dynamics that has shaped these networks, we point up a relationship between a particular degree distribution and the clone size distribution in the populations. We construct a dynamical model for the population dynamics, focussing on the dynamics of the clones, and solve it for the required distributions. Scale free and exponentially decaying forms are obtained depending on parameter values, being
the first type obtained when clonal growth is the dominant process. Average distributions are dominated by the power law behavior presented by the fastest replicating populations.

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