Analysis and simulation of a Palma de Mallorca hospital emergency department

Aviñó, Laura (Advisors: Raúl Toral, Claudio Mirasso, Ángel del Río)
Master Thesis (2020)

The emergency department (henceforth, ED) is unfortunately famous for its long waiting times and overcrowding. These two phenomena are a consequence of (a) the imbalance between the patient influx and output and (b) possible bottlenecks inside the department. To get more insights into the imbalance problem, in this project, we study the influx of patients on the Son Llatzer Hospital. After that, we examine the path taken by the patients after their visit. Here we focus on the ”boarders” that is those patients that must be hospitalized and are waiting for a bed. Then, we generate models to simulate the dynamics seen in the data analysis: First, we present a Basic Queue Model with two queues with different priorities. Second, a model based on Hospitalization rates. Third, we generated an Agent-Based Model using only data from the ED. Fourth, we expand this model including the hospital and available beds for ED patients. Finally, we compare the result of the simulations with the provided data.

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