Analog information processing with time-multiplexed optoelectronic systems

Goldmann, Mirko; Fischer, Ingo; Soriano, Miguel C.
Emerging Topics in Artificial Intelligence (ETAI) 2021, International Society for Optics and Photonics, 11804, 118041X (2021)

We present a systematic approach to the design of an analog implementation of photonic reservoir computing.The scheme builds on the idea that, thanks to time-multiplexing, a single nonlinear node subject to a delayedfeedback loop can emulate a network with ring-like topology. We go beyond previous approaches for analogphotonic reservoir computers by considering a flow model (continuous time) of the corresponding optoelectronicimplementation, instead of the usually considered map limit, as the continuous time approach allows for operatingat faster modulations. We focus on the implementation of an analog output layer made of a modulator and asecond order filter that makes any digital post-processing unnecessary. Numerical simulations of the system showthat the suggested analog design of the analog output layer is robust towards potential experimental deviationssuch as time jitter. The combination of the optoelectronic implementation with an analog output layer allowsfor high-speed information processing.

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