A multisource transportation network model explaining allometric scaling

Xiang-Yu Jia, Er-Jian Liu, Yitao Yang, and Xiao-Yong Yan
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2023, 083404 (2023)

The universal scaling relationship between an attribute and the
size of a system is widespread in nature and society and is known as allometric growth. Previous studies have explained that the allometric growth exponent of single-source systems is uniquely determined by the dimension. However,
the phenomenon that the exponent shows diversity in some systems, such as
rivers, freight transportation and gasoline stations, lacks a reasonable explanation. In this paper, we hold the view that allometric growth may originate
from efficient delivery from sources to transfer sites in a system and propose a
multisource transportation network model that can explain diversified allometric
growth exponents. We apply this model to some multisource systems, and the
results show that our model successfully reproduces the diversity of the allometric growth exponent.

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