Fernando Diaz

Fernando Diaz Diaz

My research is devoted to the study of the structure and dynamics of complex networks. I believe that complex networks are the skeletons of complex systems, and as such its range of application can extend to any field of science, from physics to sociology. My interests are not limited to analytical predictions, but also extend to numerical simulations and data analysis.

My PhD thesis focuses on studying the phenomenon of anomalous diffusion on networks: I study the novel phenomena that appear when using fractional diffusion equations and d-path Laplacian operators. Besides purely theoretical results, I am also researching possible applications in areas such as DNA repair, traffic flow or brain dynamics.

Publicaciones recientes

Time and space generalized diffusion equation on graph/networks

Estrada, Ernesto; Diaz-Diaz, Fernando
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 156, 111791 (1-9) (2022)

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