Local probing of dynamical phase transitions by repeated partial information erasure

In this Master's Thesis, I will be discussing a new approach to probing the dynamical phases of an isolated quantum many-body system represented by a spin complex network. The protocol is based on local measurements of quantum observables and finding out if they display the convergence property or not. The results showed that the ability of a system to erase previous information with time depends critically on its dynamic phase. As a consequence, this probing method allows one to distinguish between ergodic and localized phases of matter. 

Supervisors: Gian Luca Giorgi and Roberta Zambrini

Jury: Miguel C. Soriano, GIan Luca Giorgi, Gonzalo Manzano


Presential at the IFISC seminar room, with parallel zoom streaming 


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Gian Luca Giorgi

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