Experimental investigation of a microring-based time-delay reservoir computing

Giovanni Donati

My PhD project is included into the field of neuromorphic computing and it aims at realize optical integrated structures based on the concept of time-delay Reservoir Computing, where the nonlinear nodes are implemented by silicon microring resonators. I started the PhD in November 2019 and it is carried out within a joint co-tutelle agreement with the University of Trento (Italy).

Reservoir computing is a paradigm that simplifies the training of recurrent neural networks. Beyond reservoir computing algorithms simulated on conventional computers, many physical implementations have been realized, where the reservoir is either composed of many physical distinct nodes, or it is folded in the dynamics of only one single node. Here I will present an experimental realization of an optoelectronic reservoir computing system, folded in the dynamics of an integrated silicon microring resonator coupled to an external optical feedback. The performance of the network is evaluated on delayed digital tasks.

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Miguel C. Soriano

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