A Lagrangian view on the seascape: theory and applications

Abstract: The Lagrangian perspective on flow systems consists in adopting a frame of reference that is solidal with fluid particles. In the last decades, such framework has demonstrated a great efficacy in addressing fluid dynamics problems as well as in providing theoretical connections with Dynamical Systems and Network Theory. In this presentation I will focus on the oceanic environment and I will show how Lagrangian approaches can be used at different spatio-temporal scales to tackle complementary scientific objectives. At the micro-scale, one can study the advection, deformation and dilution of a single Lagrangian particle and link such processes with the evolution of bio-chemical fields in it contained. At the macro-scale, one can instead characterize the spatial patterns generated by the tangle of several Lagrangian trajectories under the effect of ocean turbulence. Following this paradigm, I will present recent theoretical developments as well as applications to Climate and Marine Ecology. Zoom coordinates: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/98286706234?pwd=bm1JUFVYcTJkaVl1VU55L0FiWDRIUT09

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Sandro Meloni

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