The ever-increasing demand for information processing of massive data volumes at ultra-high bit rates requires novel computing concepts and their implementation in unconventional hardware. The main objective (OI) of this project is to implement Reservoir Computing (RC), a neuro-inspired information processing scheme, in an optical network of nano-structures. Its realization requires spectrally tailored Quantum Dot (QD) micropillar arrays (QDMPA) (OII), and diffractive coupling to establish all-optical networks including 100s of such emitters (OIII). Our underlying interdisciplinary approach combines three recent concepts by bridging nanostructures to a macroscopic complex system which is utilized for powerful computation. Namely, these concepts are RC as the functional concept, QDMPAs as the hardware platform, and diffractive coupling schemes for scalable optical networks to implement the complex neuro-inspired systems, capable of ultra-high speed information processing. It represents a unique opportunity to integrate these three concepts into a fully functional computing system with great potential in terms of performance, speed, compactness, energy-efficiency and future extensions to quantum machine learning.


  • Ingo Fischer

    Ingo Fischer

  • Apostolos Argyris

    Apostolos Argyris

  • Moritz Pflüger

    Moritz Pflüger

  • Julián Bueno

    Julián Bueno

Recent Publications

Tutorial: Photonic neural networks in delay systems

Brunner, D.; Penkovsky, B.; Marquez, A.; Jacquot, M.; Fischer, I.; Larger, L.
Journal of Applied Physics 124, 152004 (1-14) (2018)

Conditions for reservoir computing performance using semiconductor lasers with delayed optical feedback

Bueno, Julian; Brunner, Daniel; Soriano, Miguel C.; Fischer, Ingo
Optics Express 25 (3), 2401-2412 (2017)

All-Optical Neuromorphic Computing in Optical Networks of Semiconductor Lasers

Brunner, Daniel; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Fischer, Ingo
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Rebooting Computing 2016, IEEE, (2016)

Photonic Reservoir Computing for Ultra-Fast Information Processing Using Semiconductor Lasers

Fischer, Ingo; Bueno, Julian; Brunner, Daniel; Soriano, Miguel C.; Mirasso, Claudio
Proceedings of ECOC 2016 (42nd European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications), VDE VERLAG GMBH (Berlin, Offenbach), 336-338 (2016)

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