Waves of seed propagation induced by delayed animal dispersion

Kazimierski, L.D.; Kuperman, M. N; Wio, H. S.; Abramson, G.
Journal of Theoretical Biology 436, 1-7 (2018)

We study a model of seed dispersal that considers the inclusion of an animal disperser moving diffusively, feeding on fruits and transporting the seeds, which are later deposited and capable of germination. The dynamics depends on several population parameters of growth, decay, harvesting, transport, digestion and germination. In particular, the deposition of transported seeds at places away from their collection sites produces a delay in the dynamics, whose effects are the focus of this work. Analytical and numerical solutions of different simplified scenarios show the existence of travelling waves. The effect of zoochory is apparent in the increase of the velocity of these waves. The results support the hypothesis of the relevance of animal mediated seed dispersion when trying to understand the origin of the high rates of vegetable invasion observed in real systems.

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