Power grid enhanced resilience using proportional and derivative control with delayed feedback

Dongmo, Eric Donald; Colet, Pere and Woafo, Paul
European Physical Journal B 90, 6 (1-10) (2017)

This paper investigates the resilience of an elementary electricity system (machine-generator) under proportional and derivative (PD) control when subject to large perturbations. A particular attention is paid to small power grids, representative of power grid structure in some developing countries. The considered elementary electricity system consists of a consumer (machine), a power plant (generator) and
a transmission line. Both Runge-Kutta and Newton methods are used to solve the dynamical equations and the characteristic equations for stability. It is found that the controller increases the resilience of the system. We also show that time delays associated to the feedback loop of the controller have a negative impact on the performance. It is also shown that the asymmetry due to energy demand of different consumers to power plant increases the stability of the system.

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