On the effect of small-scale oceanic variability on topography-generated currents

Alvarez, A.; Hernandez-Garcia, E.; Tintore, J.
Geophysical Research Letters 27, 739-742 (2000)


Small-scale oceanic motions, in combination with
bottom topography, induce mean large-scale
along-isobaths flows. The direction of these mean
flows is usually found to be anticyclonic (cyclonic) over bumps
(depressions). Here we employ a
quasigeostrophic model to show that the
current direction of these topographically induced large-scale flows
can be reversed by the small-scale variability. This
result addresses the existence of a new bulk effect from the
small-scale activity that could have strong consequences on the
circulation of the world's ocean.

The cover of this issue of Geophys. Res. Lett. (Vol. 27, #6, March 15, 2000) is taken from our article.

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