Magnetic orbital motion and 0.5e2/h conductance of quantum-anomalous-Hall hybrid strips

Osca, Javier: Serra, Llorenç
Applied Physics Letters 114, 133105 (1-5) (2019)

The magnetic-induced orbital motion of quasiparticles affects the conductance properties of a hybrid strip of a quantum-anomalous-Hall topological material with induced superconductivity. We elucidate the scenario of topological normal-superconducting-normal ideal junc- tions in the presence of orbital magnetic motion, showing how it leads to a halved quantized conductance 0.5e2/h even in the absence of Majorana modes. For vanishing energy, the magnetic orbital effect favors Fermionic charged modes with finite wave numbers, in contrast to chiral Majorana modes that are chargeless modes with the vanishing wave number. The bias sensitivity of the 0.5 conductance plateau allows distinguishing the two cases. Conductance oscillations due to backscattering interference are absent in the charged Fermion case.

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