Enhancing optical output power by breaking VCSEL circular symmetry

Czyszanowski, T. G.; Brejnak, A.; Gebski, M.; Sokół, A. K.; Marciniak, M.; Pruszyńska-Karbownik, E.; Wasiak, M.; Muszalski, J.; Lott, J. A.; Fischer, I.
Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers XXV, K. D. Choquette and C. Lei, eds., SPIE, 11704, 117040D (1-10) (2021)

We experimentally demonstrate and elucidate by numerical simulations that breaking circular symmetry of large apertures of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) significantly enhances their emission properties by increasing the optical density of states. Specifically, deformed shapes of circular oxide apertures of VCSELs enhance stimulated emission and suppress undesired non-radiative recombination contributing to an increase in output optical output power of more than 60% and in quantum efficiency of more than 10%. Our example deformed VCSEL structures demonstrate that the optical density of states appears to be of high importance for conventional optoelectronic devices in accordance to the predictions of quantum electrodynamics theory.

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