Coherence Resonance in Chaotic Systems

Palenzuela, Carlos; Toral, Raúl; Mirasso, Claudio; Calvo, Oscar; Gunton, James
Europhysics Letters 56, 347-353 (2001)

We show that it is possible for chaotic systems to display the main features of
coherence resonance. In particular, we show that a Chua model, operating in a
chaotic regime and in the presence of noise, can exhibit oscillations whose
regularity is optimal for some intermediate value of the noise intensity. We
find that the power spectrum of the signal develops a peak at finite frequency
at intermediate values of the noise. These are all signatures of coherence
resonance. We also experimentally study a Chua circuit and corroborate the
above simulation results. Finally, we analyze a simple model composed of two
separate limit cycles which still exhibits coherence resonance, and show that
its behavior is qualitatively similar to that of the chaotic Chua system.

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