Llorenç Serra

Llorenç Serra Crespí
Research interests: Structural and dynamical properties of small-dimension systems for which quantum effects are relevant; particularly, atomic aggregates, quantum dots and semiconductor nanostructures. Connections with Nanotechnology and Spintronics.

Recent Publications

Interplay between resonant tunneling and spin precession oscillations in all-electric all-semiconductor spin transistors

Alomar, M. I.; Serra, L.; Sánchez, D.
Physical Review B 94, 075402 (1-11) (2016)

Seebeck effects in two-dimensional spin transistors

Alomar, M. I.; Serra, L.; Sánchez, D.
Physical Review B 91, 075418 (1-11) (2015)

Thermoelectric transport of mesoscopic conductors coupled to voltage and thermal probes

Sanchez, D.; Serra, L.
Physical Review B 84, 201307 (R) (1-4) (2011)

Enhancement of Rashba coupling in vertical In(0.05)Ga(0.95)As/GaAs quantum dots

Huang, S. M.; Badrutdinov, A. O.; Serra, L.; et al.
Physical Review B 84, 085325 (1-5) (2011)

g-factor anisotropy of hole quantum wires induced by Rashba interaction

Gelabert, M.M.; Serra, L.
Physical Review B 84, 075343 (1-7) (2011)

Ongoing Research projects


Espintrónica, Energía y Topología en el Transporte Cuántico

P.I.: Rosa López, David Sánchez
The emphasis of the proposed research is on novel concepts, prospects and fundamental breakthroughs in the field of quantum transport at the nanoscale. It is focused on three cutting-edge research sub-fields: Topology, ...

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