Voces, CSIC Balears: Voting, health and fishing

March 31, 2021

IFISC (UIB-CSIC) and the Institutional Representation of CSIC in the Balearic Islands join forces and create "Voces, CSIC Balears", a bimonthly podcast for the dissemination of science. Through interviews with scientists working at CSIC's centres in the Balearic Islands (IMEDEA CSIC-UIB, IFISC UIB-CSIC and ICTS SOCIB), it aims to increase the visibility of the science carried out in the region.

The fourth episode of “Voces, CSIC Balears” features Juan Fernández-Gracia, postdoctoral researcher at IFISC. Throughout the episode, the interviewee will explain how complex networks allow physicists to approach a wide variety of problems that, in principle, have nothing to do with what comes to mind when we think of physics. Infectious diseases, the global fishing network, the electorate, marine animals... the complexity of the world becomes a little less so with the right tools.

Votos, salud y pesca | Voces, CSIC Balears #04


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