IFISC participates in the development of the CSIC's White Book on Scientific Challenges 2030

Oct. 11, 2021

The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is launching 14 strategic themes to coordinate cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research teams to expand the frontiers of knowledge in areas such as the origin of life, the composition of matter, space exploration, the functioning of the brain, the energy transition, global society and the impact of global change, among others. The 14 themes are designed to serve as a reference framework for the development of the institution's scientific strategy, providing an insight into the research currently being carried out at CSIC and, at the same time, building a global vision of what the main scientific challenges will be in the coming decade. They are published together in the White Paper Scientific Challenges CSIC 2030, available on the CSIC website.

As a centre at the forefront of research in Complex Systems, IFISC researchers have participated in the preparation of these documents.

Importantly, Roberta Zambrini has coordinated the theme 10 Digital & Complex Information together with Gemma Rius (IMB-CNM). In the same theme, Miguel C. Soriano co-coordinates the chapter Advanced Photonics. In the theme 11 Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Data Science, Jose J. Ramasco co-coordinates the chapter Machine Learning and Data Science . IFISC researchers have also contributed to the themes of Challenges in Biomedicine and Health (vol. 4), Brain, Mind & Behaviour (vol. 5), and Ocean Science Challenges for 2030 (vol. 13).

Nearly 1.100 researchers from more than 100 CSIC centres and other institutions (public research bodies, universities, etc.) have participated in the preparation of these documents. 


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