4th Poster Party

Feb. 10, 2017

Last Monday, February 6, the 4th Poster Party was held in the IFISC. Coinciding with the Open Doors Day, members of the center of all levels, from master's students to permanent researchers, presented different posters in which collected data of their investigations. The objective of the activity is double; On the one hand presenting, in a relaxed atmosphere, the latest advances in the investigations of IFISC staff and, on the other hand, choosing which posters will hang in the corridors of the institute. For this, an anonymous voting system was organized in which attendees had to vote for a maximum of two posters from each research line and to propose a candidate for the special category "Best Poster".

In this way, the attendees were able to see firsthand the work of other members of the institute since the researchers themselves were in charge of presenting their posters to those who came. Once all the posters were presented and the votes made, the doctoral students of the center presented "IFISC documentary: misunderstanding complexity", a false documentary of the IFISC in humoristic tone.

Then the votes were counted and the subsequent prizes were awarded; resulting in the poster "Social network analysis of communities in literature", prepared by IFISC Master students, the winner of the category of best poster.

The full list of winning posters per line of research is available below.

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