Type-I excitable media: a theoretical framework for space extended excitable systems

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Excitability is a property of certain nonlinear dynamical systems concerning their response to external perturbations. Excitable systems can be classified into two classes, Type-I and II, with different dynamical properties and caused by different bifurcations. Excitable media, locally excitable spatial extended systems, show different regimes in which local perturbation exceeding a threshold can propagate across the medium. There are many studies considering Type-II excitable media, but much less is known about pulse propagation in the Type-I case. Recently, several vegetation systems compatible with Type-I excitability have shown traveling pulses, renewing interest in their study. In this seminar we will show the differences between both types of excitable media and characterize the properties of Type-I excitable pulses.

Presential in seminar room, with parallel Zoom stream at https://zoom.us/j/98286706234?pwd=bm1JUFVYcTJkaVl1VU55L0FiWDRIUT09

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Tobias Galla

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