The process of doing a PhD - lessons learned from being a student and a supervisor

This is a bit of an experiment. At the beginning of the session, I will summarise some of the lessons I learned during my own time as a PhD student, and then later as a supervisor, about the process of doing a PhD. This is about the different stages of a PhD, the role of the supervisor and of the student in these stages, about frustration along the way, and why it is normal to struggle. This is based on these notes Hopefully this will then trigger some discussion, and members of the audience can perhaps contribute from their own experience (both students and supervisors). The meeting is meant to be interactive. I will try my best to avoid the impression that I have all the answers and that I know `how do to a PhD'. Of course I don't, and of course everything I will say is highly biased by my own experiences, and won't apply to everyone. Nevertheless, I think it is useful to have a discussion of this type. I hope that this will be interesting and helpful for students and supervisors.

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Tobias Galla

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