The complex body network: Brain - visceral interaction in cognition

The last years neuroscience is living a deep transformation with relevant implications for cognitive science, philosophy of mind and medicine. This revolution is based on recent evidences about the brain - body interaction: Brain integrates information coming from heart, breathing system and gut. In this talk I will introduce the Brain-Body Project, focused on the development of a physiological model of the embodied mind, by means of studying the interaction between brain dynamics with cardiac, respiratory and intestinal function. To encompass this complexity, we aim developing and implementing a mathematical framework based on graph theory and artificial intelligence, allowing the study from a multi modal perspective. Previous results from the group will be introduced in this talk to show the interruption of heart-brain axis in dementia and its role as biomarker in the progression to Alzheimer disease, as well as the reorganization of gut microbiome networks depending on lifestyle.

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Llorenç Serra
971 17 28 05
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