Optical coupling of quantum-dot micropillar lasers with perspective towards neuromorphic computing

Optical coupling of semiconductor lasers is a long and fertile research field that has explored fascinating nonlinear dynamics and has unveiled novel applications for these devices. Lately, the interest for an even-further miniaturization and integration of semiconductor lasers has pushed this field closer to the nanoscale, where cavity quantum electrodynamics effects become relevant and optically coupled microlasers show new and interesting properties. Here, I will review latest findings on optical coupling of quantum-dot (QD) micropillar lasers in experiments performed at the Technical University of Berlin in the group of Stephan Reitzenstein. Complex behavior resulting from optical injection and delayed feedback of QD micropillar lasers will be discussed, focusing on the demonstration of mutual coupling and synchronization. Noteworthy, understanding the behavior of QD micropillar lasers in such optical coupling configurations demonstrate to be relevant for its utilization in neuromorphic computing schemes like photonic neural networks. 


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Tobias Galla

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