IFISC winter solstice seminar

Ignite talks about representative papers of the different IFISC research lines during 2019.

  • - Raul Toral: Phase transitions in persistent and run-and-tumble walks

  • - David Sanchez: Nonlinear chiral refrigerators

  • - Roberta Zambrini: Quantum synchronization in dimer atomic lattices

  • - Ingo Fischer/Miguel C. Soriano: Constructive Role of Noise for High-Quality Replication of Chaotic Attractor Dynamics Using a Hardware-Based Reservoir Computer

  • - Emilio Hernández-García: Spatial inhomogeneities in the sedimentation of biogenic particles in ocean flows: analysis in the Benguela region

  • - Tobias Galla: Intrinsic noise, Delta-Notch signalling and delayed reactions promote sustained, coherent, synchronized oscillations in the presomitic mesoderm

  • - Claudio Mirasso: Exploring the Phase-Locking Mechanisms Yielding Delayed and Anticipated Synchronization in Neuronal Circuits

  • - Jose J. Ramasco:  Hierarchical organization of urban mobility and its connection with city livability

  • - Damia Gomila: Reduction of power grid fluctuations by communication between smart devices

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Maxi San Miguel
971 17 32 29
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