• I.P.: Llorenç Serra, Roberta Zambrini
  • Pàgina web: https://qst.csic.es/
  • Data d'inici: 1 de gener de 2018
  • Data de finalització: 1 de gener de 2023

QTEP is a CSIC Interdisciplinary Thematic Platform (PTI). The reference for QTEP is the quantum technologies community that organizes around the Flagship (http://qt.eu) and the Quantum Community Network. This community works on four basic research lines
with growing technological interest —Quantum Metrology & Sensing, Quantum Crypto &
Communication, Quantum Simulation and Quantum Computing—, and includes both research institutions as well as companies (Airbus, Thales, Bosch...). QTEP represents a community of 22 groups on 11 research centers, with strong internal collaborations, remarkable international impact and scientific production.
QTEP’s research spans the main quantum technology pillars, plus a strong base working on enabling technologies. Among the challenges to be address by QTEP, we highlight its geographical and topical dispersion, lack of common image, low representation in international consortia and decision forums, and insufficient support/interest from national industry.


  • Rosa Lopez

    Rosa Lopez

  • David Sánchez

    David Sánchez

  • Llorenç Serra

    Llorenç Serra

  • Roberta Zambrini

    Roberta Zambrini

  • Gian Luca Giorgi

    Gian Luca Giorgi

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