Weighted-ensemble Brownian jumps simulations: sampling of rare events in equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems

Kromer, J.A.; Schimansky-Geier, L.; Toral, R.
Physical Review E 87, 063311 (2013)

We provide an algorithm based on weighted-ensemble (WE) methods, to accurately sample systems at steady state. Applying our method to different one- and two-dimensional models, we succeed in calculating steady-state probabilities of order 10−300 and reproduce the Arrhenius law for rates of order 10−280. Special attention is payed to the simulation of nonpotential systems where no detailed balance assumption exists. For this large class of stochastic systems, the stationary probability distribution density is often unknown and cannot be used as preknowledge during the simulation. We compare the algorithm's efficiency with standard Brownian dynamics simulations and the original WE method.

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