Ultrafast and anharmonic Rabi oscillations between non-Bloch bands

Lee, Cheng Hua; Longhi, Stefano
Communications Physics 3, 147 (1-9) (2020)

Bloch band theory and bulk-boundary correspondence in non-Hermitian systems are
attracting great attention in different areas of science. Interband transitions and Rabi flopping
induced by emission or absorption of field quanta are fundamental and well-understood
processes in Hermitian systems. However, they are challenged in a non-Hermitian system,
where band theory is affected by system boundaries. Here we consider Rabi oscillations in
non-Hermitian lattices exhibiting unbalanced non-Hermitian skin effect, and unveil an
unprecedented scenario of Rabi flopping. The effective dipole moment of the transition -
usually considered a bulk property - is however strongly dependent on boundary conditions.
Rabi oscillations become anharmonic and transitions cease to be vertical in the energymomentum
plane in systems with open boundaries. Remaining stable even in the presence of
complex energies, Rabi oscillations provide a vivid illustration of how competition between
non-Hermitian, non-local and Floquet effects can result in significant enhancements of
physically measurable quantities

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