Time-dependent current of interacting quantum capacitors subjected to large amplitude pulses

Alomar, M. I.; Lim, J. S.; Sánchez, D.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 647, 012049 (1-4) (2015)

We investigate the time-dependent response of an interacting mesoscopic capacitor using the Floquet-Green function formalism applied to a single-level Anderson model. We obtain closed expressions for the current and the occupation valid for arbitrary values of the applied ac potential in the limit of small frequencies. In the noninteracting case, we obtain nonsinusoidal responses when the ac amplitude allows crossings between the dot level and the Fermi energy of the attached reservoir. For interacting electrons treated within the Hartree approximation, we self-consistently calculate the capacitor current as a function of time and find a decrease of the peak amplitudes due to the on-site Coulomb repulsion.

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