Third-order chromatic dispersion stabilizes Kerr frequency combs

Parra-Rivas, P.; Gomila, D.; Leo, F.; Coen, S.; Gelens, L.
Optics Letters 39, 2971-2974 (2014)

Using numerical simulations of an extended Lugiato-Lefever equation, we analyze the stability and nonlinear dynamics of Kerr
frequency combs generated in microresonators and fiber resonators taking into account third-order dispersion effects. We show
that cavity solitons underlying Kerr frequency combs, normally sensitive to oscillatory and chaotic instabilities, are stabilized
in a wide range of parameter space by third-order dispersion. Moreover, we demonstrate how the snaking structure organizing
compound states of multiple cavity solitons is qualitatively changed by third-order dispersion, promoting an increased stability
of Kerr combs underlined by a single cavity soliton.

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