Thermoelectric effect in the Kondo dot side-coupled to a Majorana mode

Khim, H; Lim, Jong-Soo; López, R; Lee, M
European Physical Journal B 88, 151 (1-10) (2015)

We investigate the linear thermoelectric response of an interacting quantum dot side-coupled by one of two Majorana modes hosted by a topological superconducting wire. We employ the numerical renormalization group technique to obtain the thermoelectrical conductance L in the Kondo regime while the background temperature T, the Majorana-dot coupling Γ m , and the overlap ε m between the two Majorana modes are tuned. We distinguish two transport regimes in which L displays different features: the weak- (Γ m T K ) regimes, where T K is the Kondo temperature. For an infinitely long nanowire where the Majorana modes do not overlap (ε m = 0), the thermoelectrical conductance in the weak-coupling regime exhibits a peak at T ~ Γ m

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